When you are dealing with stains on your carpet it is a good idea to know how to best treat that type of stain. There are different stains that require methods of cleaning that are drastically different. Some stains require that you use cold water while others require that you use hot water. You also may want to let the stain dry while many stains require that you start cleaning it the moment that it happens. When it comes to paint that has been spilled on your carpets you want to make sure you use the right methods. Paint is a hard substance to remove and if you are not careful it can damage the carpet and require you to replace it. Nail polish is a paint that is in most homes if you happen to have girls. They love to try out their new polish and test it on their friends. The polish is meant to go on and stay so when it drips on the carpet it can be very difficult to remove. There are a few options that you have to try and get it out.

Coastal Carpet Cleaners Offers Tips for How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet

Does Hairspray Remove Nail Polish from Carpet?: When you realize that the kids have been using your polish on the carpet you want to make sure that you act fast. The longer the nail polish has to dry the harder it can be to remove. Be sure that you always only work in small areas to ensure that you do not spread the paint out any further. The first method that you can use is by getting a clean cloth, cold water, rubbing alcohol and a bottle of hairspray. Start by getting the cloth wet with cold water, Then dab it on the area that you need to treat. Then use your bottle of hairspray and spray the area until it has been covered well. You can then use the rubbing alcohol on a cloth to apply while dabbing at the area. This will breakdown the stain and when you dab allow you to pull the stain off the carpet. Be sure that you follow up with a clean wet cloth at the end to finish the cleaning.
How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet with Windex or Window Cleaner: No matter which method you use to clean the nail polish from the carpet you want to make sure that you move fast. The paint will slowly dry and attach to the fibers of the carpet. This can cause some damage that is difficult to recover from. You can hget out your window cleaner and use it to soak a cloth or paper towel. Then apply it to the paint and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then press into the carpet and pull away careful not to spread the paint. You can repeat with a clean cloth several times if necessary.
Use Nail Polish Remover to Clean Nail Polish Stains from Carpet: This method is not the best since it has the harshest chemicals but it is an option. Be sure to test the nail polish remover on a small area to ensure that it is not going to damage your carpet. You can use a cotton ball that has been soaked in the polish remover and press it over the spot. As it comes off the carpet you want to make sure that you replace the cotton with a new one until all the color has been removed.

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