Coastal Carpet Cleaners Redondo Beach

Coastal Carpet Cleaners provides carpet and upholstery cleaning and water damage restoration services for residents and businesses in Redondo Beach and surrounding areas. We are locally owned and operated, licensed and insured. Since we are local you do not have to wait days to receive a service from us, we respond in a timely manner and we offer service 24/7. Coastal Carpet Cleaners gives you the best value coupled with the best price. Since 1973, we have been proudly offering the most reliable ‘green’ carpet cleaning and restoration solutions.



Carpet Cleaning in Redondo Beach, CA & Surrounding Areas

We use environmentally friendly, non-toxic compounds and the best equipment on the market. Green cleaning not only helps the environment in general, it is also about powerful and safe remediation techniques that are tactical on germs and mold without causing damage to one’s own property or making a home or office uninhabitable. We breathe new life into your carpets, leaving no residue behind. Additionally, we use a deep steam cleaning method, making your room look clean and smell fresh. We also specialize in all spot, stain and pet odor removal! Let us bring your carpet back to life! We promise to give your living areas the same thorough care as our thousands of other satisfied customers. It’s why they choose Coastal Carpet Cleaners again and again.


Residential & Commercial Deep Steam Cleaning

Coastal Carpet Cleaners includes steam cleaning services for the commercial and residential customers in the Greater Redondo Beach, CA area. Steam cleaning is a deep carpet cleaning method that extracts the dirt and debris, contaminants, and allergens from beneath the carpet’s surface. Though carpets may seem clean, carpets should be professionally cleaned once a year, if not more. Extracting the particulates makes carpets vibrant as the dulling-effects of the dirt and grime is removed. Additionally, deep steam cleaning by Coastal Carpet Cleaners is the most effective solution to removing the stubborn stains and spots from your commercial and residential carpet. With a thorough cleaning, any developing odors are neutralized leaving your carpet clean and fresh.


Sofa Upholstery Cleaning

Coastal Carpet Cleaners offers upholstery cleaning services to Redondo Beach, CA locals. Having your upholstery deep cleaned by a professional keeps the upholstery looking young, healthy and preserves the fabric for years to come in addition to your personal care. With the power of Coastal Carpet Cleaners professionals, substance buildup, accumulated dirt and debris, unsightly stains and spots, and even developing odors are all removed to restore the upholstery to its vivid color and freshness.

Water Damage Restoration

When your Redondo Beach, California home or business experiences water damage, it can be an overwhelmingly stressful situation. You need fast-acting professionals to help minimize the damage and ensure efficient resolution. With Coastal Carpet Cleaners, our professionals have the formal training and experience to methodically and carefully handle water damage restoration services. With our methods and fast response, we can help you minimize the water damage and assist you in restoring your home to healthy and nonthreatening levels.